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What's Happening in P1 and P2?

Our P1 and P2 class has been doing a special project on hygiene. As part of this project we have been learning about cleanliness. We began by thinking about how we clean ourselves such as washing our hands after going to the bathroom or brushing our teeth. We drew as many pictures as we could think of that showed how we clean our bodies. We learned about why we wash ourselves in each of these different ways.

We also considered a Bible verse about being clean: “Create in me a clean heart, O God” (Psalm 51:10a). We learned that while we can clean the outside of our bodies, only God can clean what is on the inside. All our sin comes from our heart which shows us that we need God to clean us.

We don’t just clean our bodies, we also need to wash other things that are dirty. We had been donated some coins that had become really sticky with spilled juice, so we practiced cleaning these. We took it in turns to wash and dry the coins. We had to use soapy water.


As we cleaned the coins we noticed the dates that were written on them. We enjoyed deciding which coins were old and which were new. We even found some coins that were older than Mr McCollum!

We still have spaces open for the August P1 intake. If you know of any family that could benefit from this stimulating learning environment that keeps a Christian focus, please let them know that there is still time to apply. Click here to apply now.

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