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Schooling Options

Melville-Knox Christian School offers flexible schooling options. The part-time options are geared towards working in partnership with home educating families. Please, look below to find the option most suitable for you and your child.

Full-time Education

If you enrol your child full-time, they will attend school on Mondays to Fridays from 9:30 am-3:30 pm, with the exception of Fridays when pupils finish at 12:15 pm.

Part-time Education

If you are looking for a part-time option, you may choose to send your child for four full days of the school week (Monday – Thursday). On these days, your child will follow the same schedule as the full-time pupils.

It may be possible to enrol your child for mornings only, during which time the core curricular areas of literacy and numeracy will be covered. Please contact the school admin to enquire. It may also be possible to enrol for Friday mornings only, depending on availability. 

School fees for all part-time options except Friday are the same as full-time fees.

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