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Mission Statement

Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow is an independent primary school that aims to offer an excellent, Biblically-based education that encompasses all the recommended curriculum areas. The Vision and the Constitution of our School are based on a collection of Reformed confessions.

We, as a School, are committed to creating a safe and friendly learning environment where each child will be valued and challenged according to their abilities and skills. We are bound, by our own standards, to the highest degree of integrity and transparency.

We are a non-profit organisation and so aim to offer affordable school fees for normal working families. Our school was founded by parents for parents, and so we welcome parental involvement. We view education and schooling as a partnership with parents.

We are committed to helping home-schooling families in their efforts to educate their children in Christian values. We seek to accomplish this by offering various part-time options for home-schooling families.

Above all, we aim to glorify God and serve Him in all our endeavours.

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