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We are a member school of the Board of Reformed Christian Education Scotland whose aim is to see Melville-Knox Christian Schools established all over Scotland.

Other Christian Schools
If you are interested in Christian education, but live outside of Glasgow, consider Mannafields Christian School  in Edinburgh,  Providence Christian School in Stornoway or the planned Melville-Knox Christian School Aberdeen.

Represented Denominations:
Although our pupils may come from diverse backgrounds, there are three denominations that send representation to our School Board. They are:

Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)

Reformed Baptist

Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland

The following confessions govern our teaching at the School. All teachers and every member of our leadership team must subscribe to one of these confessions.

The Westminster Confession of Faith (1646)

The Baptist Confession of Faith (1689)

The 39 Articles

The Three Forms of Unity: The Belgic Confession, Canons of Dort and Heidelberg Catechism

The Savoy Declaration

Other Organisations
We have enjoyed an annual tour with Scottish Reformation Tours. We highly recommend them for group tours. The tour guides bring the historical information down to the right level for the children and our pupils remembered the stories that they were taught. You can read about our tour here.

We have benefited from resources from Reformation Scotland, an organisation that uses the history of the Second Reformation Church in Scotland to encourage closer obedience to God’s will.

Other Melville-Knox Schools

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