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Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow offers a well-rounded curriculum, teaching all the recommended curriculum areas as laid out by the Guidance Notes for the Independent Schools by the Scottish Government. Melville-Knox Christian School Glasgow covers the main aims and learning objectives as laid out in the Curriculum of Excellence for State Schools.


Below is a list of subjects taught each year with some indication of key resources used. For more detailed information on subjects and curriculum, please contact the school.

P1-P3: Language and Literacy (Jolly Phonics/Grammar Series and levelled readers, Big Writing), Maths (Scottish Heinemann, Schofield and Sims), Biblical Studies (Mayflower Bible Lessons), Gaelic, British Sign Language, Music, Movement & Drama, Art, Craft & Design, PE, Sciences and Social Studies

P4-P7: In addition to the above:  Novels and Biographies, French, Environmental Studies


For P1-P2 the estimated amount of homework assigned should come to about 15 minutes each day. For P3-P7 the estimated amount of time is 30 minutes each day; however certain projects might need more preparation time. It is to be expected that the time it takes to complete homework might vary from pupil to pupil as some may need more or less time to complete work than others.

Assessment and Reporting

Progress Portfolios will be sent home twice and year. Once, at the end of September / beginning of October and a second time in March. These portfolios will contain a sample of work in each subject with targets for development set by pupils with help from teachers if necessary. Parents will have the opportunity to look over these portfolios and sign them. The portfolios will also contain a record of pupils’ attendance, including late arrivals. At the end of the school year, in June, a final progress report will be issued for each pupil, giving detail of the progress made throughout the school year and levels achieved.

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