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Fundraising activities

A really good way to help the school is to get all your friends to sign up to Easyfundraising.  There are all sorts of posters, flyers, and presentations on their website. For more information go to our Easyfundraising page.

Sponsored Activities
We love the fact that lots of supporters have raised money for us by cycling, running, walking, or hiking! Would you like to raise money for our school? Please contact us.


Penny Challenge
Previously our pupils collected their pennies in jars raising over £100! Why don’t you try at home? We were able to buy all sorts of helpful resources just by collecting pennies.


Book for Sale
Maaike and Marijke’s Trip to America was written by a Dutch friend to raise funds for us. It has been translated into English and we are selling it for £8. If you would like to order a copy, get in touch with us here.


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