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Parent FAQs

I really want a Christian education for my children, but can I afford it?
We have kept our fees purposely low in order to offer ready access to Christian education. Although we are a private school, our families come from all sorts of economic backgrounds and enjoy the same great Christian education. Few think that our fees are too much, but if you do, consider what great advantages we offer. Is it worth it? We believe it is.

Can I arrange a school visit?
We encourage prospective families to make all reasonable efforts to come to organised open days. If these opportunities are missed then contact us to see about scheduling an individual appointment.

What is the application process?
Once you fill out your application form and send it in to us we will schedule an interview with you and your child. Please click here for further information on our admissions procedure.

Do you have to be a Christian to send your children to the School?
We accept pupils from any religion or none. All pupils will be expected to submit to the ethos of the School. All pupils will hear the Gospel regularly, study the Word of God, memorise Scripture and catechism, and be disciplined according to the Word of God. Any family that is content with these arrangements may enroll their children at our School.

What are the lunch arrangements at the School?
Lunchtime begins with a Psalm thanking God for the food and a prayer of blessing. All pupils are expected to bring their own packed lunch. There are no lunches provided at School. In addition to lunch time, there are also two snacks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Please note that we are a nut-free school.

Do younger pupils stay the whole day?
Mondays to Thursdays the younger pupils stay until 3:30pm, but parents of P1 pupils have the option of picking them up at 12:30 pm each day for the first few weeks to help them get settled. On Fridays school ends at 12:15 for all pupils.

What subjects are taught?
Every day we study English and Maths. Two afternoons a week are dedicated to learning either a Science or a Social Studies topic. Gaelic is currently taught to all pupils and French is introduced in the P4-7 class, although both languages are integrated throughout the daily school routine. We have specialists that teach Art, Music and PE. IT and Health and Wellbeing are integrated throughout the curriculum. The Christian worldview is studied across the whole curriculum.

Is there before or after-school care provided?
Unfortunately, we do not currently offer before or after-school care.

Is there a nursery?
There is not currently nursery provision, but we hope to provide it in the future.

Do you have plans for secondary provision?
We hope to be able to provide primary and secondary education in the future. As you can appreciate, a secondary school is another big step for our new school. By God’s grace we will be able to provide it in the future.

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