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We Did It!

We set ourselves a goal to raise £600 in 2016 and we’ve done it – all through Easyfundraising! We are so thankful for our dedicated supporters. You are making a huge difference while doing those things you normally do! Well done!

In fact we had set a goal of £500 for 2016 but you did so well that we had to up our goal to £600! All this by shopping at places like Amazon, Ebay, John Lewis, or Next, buying your flights online or using GoEat, purchasing presents or buying those things that were needed for the house. All this at no extra cost to you and yet we’re £612 better off!

We are looking to do even better in 2017. Can we get our Easyfundraising total up to £1500? What a help this would be to the School.

You can join Easyfundraising at It is free and no hassle. You get back a percentage of what you have spent online – some retailers give better percentages than others. Donations don’t tend to be very big (unless you have spent a lot of money!) but they quickly add up – especially if we can recruit family and friends to help us.

Every penny raised will help us keep a high quality Reformed school in Glasgow.  You can track our progress here.

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