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Update on School Property

With the start of a new year, it’s probably a good time to give an update on the situation regarding the Sandyhills property purchased some time ago. Since no work has begun on the premises, it would be easy to think that nothing is happening but, while it is true that progress has been much slower than we would have liked, there is indeed work going on – albeit unseen.

Towards the end of last year, the Board took the step of recruiting two volunteer project managers – with the relevant experience lacking on the Board – to progress matters in relation to the school building and they have already been busy.

Currently, we are awaiting building warrant and planning permission for proposed developments which have been agreed over a considerable time with the architect. Sadly, we cannot put any timescale on their approval since the Glasgow City Council Building Control Department, which normally takes a long time anyway with applications, is dealing with a significant backlog due to the pandemic.

Although the drawing information is not complete at this stage, the project managers are using current drawings coupled with informed estimates of what might happen during the Building Warrant period, to seek out budgetary quotations from some selected building contractors. Providing they are able to obtain these quotations, they hope to report to the Board with guidance as to likely out-turn costs for building renovation by the end of February 2022.

Please pray that these plans will be approved so that work can be commenced as soon as possible.

Rev K Stewart (on behalf of the school board)

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