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Trip to the People's Palace

The Primary five to seven class :

‘ On Tuesday the seventeenth of September the Primary five to seven class went to the People’s Palace to learn more about World War 2. The People’s Palace is set in the historical Glasgow Green. It is so big and there is a big fountain outside and loads of bright green grass. 
First, we went into a room where the tour guide set the scene before we went upstairs. While she talked we got to sit on comfy cushions! There were some home school groups there as well. 
After that, we went upstairs in two groups. One group went to a room that looked like a dairy where we learned about rations in World War 2 and the other group went to an exhibition where there were gas masks, an Anderson shelter and other displays. We filled out the answers to the questions in our booklets in this room. 
Finally, we went back downstairs and we learned about farmers and bombing. We got to volunteer to take part in stuff. We didn’t all get picked but it was still really good. 
It was a great trip! Thank you very much to all the people who helped to plan this!!’

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