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The P1s

The P1’s are halfway through their first year of primary school. They have already made great progress in many areas. The children have grown in confidence and independence. They arrive at school with cheerfulness and expectation, and are learning to remember all their belongings at the end of the day. They have beamed with pride when they have neatly formed their letters and numbers, and when they have blended sounds to read words. Their written work is always accompanied by fantastic, colourful illustrations. Free play has been a highlight of the day. Lego is a favourite, with amazing flying machines and pterodactyls being built. The teachers have been served wonderful meals ‘cooked’ in the mini-kitchen or rolled out of playdough. The children have enjoyed the amusing stories of their imaginative classmates and the sometimes entertaining, sometimes meaningful discussions they have had during their lunch breaks. Indoors they love to colour, cut and paste. Outdoors they love to race against their friends and balance on the tyres and planks around the pupil-built obstacle course. They have had opportunities to talk through misunderstandings, to share and to show others that they care. In Bible lessons, the P1’s have listened intently, often contributing their prior knowledge to discussions, and making perceptive comments about what they have learnt as they have reflected on Bible stories. Over the last six months, the P1’s have made friends, had fun, learnt new skills and knowledge and grown in their walk with God.

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