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The Green Flag Award

by Anjali (P7) and Sarita (P5)


On the 7th of February 2020 the Eco-Committee got the prize we had been waiting for – THE GREEN FLAG!! A green flag shows that whoever earned it is good at keeping the world clean.

Around September 2017 the school started a new group called the Eco-Committee. In this group we talked about how we could help the environment. In the playground we would pick up litter. Before the Eco- Committee started, our playground was a lot messier.

Our teacher, Mr. Markoff, got us some seeds to plant. The seeds were types of lettuces. Most of them grew really well and they were tastier than shop bought lettuces! We made action plans, posters and many other things.

Finally, after we sent the application form we were awarded our long-awaited prize…THE GREEN FLAG!!!!

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