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Term 4 2017 Sunrise Christian School pupil news

In Maths the younger children have been learning the properties of 2D and 3D shapes as well as identifying symmetry in shapes and in the creation around us. 

During Art they have been drawing round 2D wooden shapes and creating some interesting pictures;

 Also, they each designed a butterfly collage which displayed symmetrical wings:

In Maths, the older children have been focusing on addition, subtraction and multiplication of fractions, ratios and decimals which has been useful during their Enterprise project, which involves planning the holiday on a set budget and developing a power point presentation of their work to the class.

An ECO committee has been set up in P4-7. They make weekly presentations to the whole school, explaining the purpose of the committee and informing the school of ways in which they can help protect the environment from further pollution and harm as God commands us to do.

In Science, in the context of day 6 of the creation week, the older children have been learning about human reproduction, the development of the embryo and the care of babies during their first year. We enjoyed a visit from a local mum and her ten month old baby when the children asked questions they had prepared beforehand and then had fun holding the baby!

During Assemblies we have been finding out about the experiences of Moses and  habits which are commended for a healthy and blessed lifestyle as well as learning psalm 133 to the tune Denfield.

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