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Sunrise Visits the Farm

On Monday 15th June we went to a farm in East Kilbride. The farm was called Kittlochside farm. It is next to the National Museum of Rural Life. We took a blue minibus there.

I learned about some old and heavy looking machinery. I learned about food people ate on the farm and how they made it. I also learned about chickens, cows, and horses. I learned how to milk a cow. It was very difficult to do but I managed it. The cows were friendly animals and loved company. I learned about eggs. If a chicken has white ear lobes its eggs will be white too. If it has red ones, the eggs will be brown. Even though the eggs are different colours, they taste exactly the same!

We first went to the museum to look at lots of old farm things. Then we took a tractor ride to the farm. A man gave us a tour and a beautiful black cat followed us around! After the farm visit, we had a big lunch in the museum. Then we had lots of fun in the play park.

My favourite part of that day was seeing the animals. I got to see a litter of orange piglets, two cute lambs (Rosie and Droopy), lots of happy chickens, tonnes of little calves, three tall horses, and two black cats (Sooty and Sweep).

– Satu Murphy, P6


Learning to milk a cow


Driving a tractor

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