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Student Teaching at Sunrise

For the past few weeks we have had Rianne Meerkerk, a Dutch student teacher, at Sunrise. Rianne studies at the Driestar in Gouda, Netherlands. This is a Christian teacher training college that is Reformed in its theology. We were very glad to have Rianne study with us and are thankful for all her support. There are lots of Reformed schools in the Netherlands and we are thankful for every partnership in this important work.


After three weeks at the school, is it now time to say goodbye. I have had a really good time at Sunrise Christian School. This work experience is a part of my teacher training in Gouda and I have learned a lot. The teachers gave me many opportunities to get experience. It was really nice to teach subjects to the children in different classes. The teachers were very kind and helpful to me. They helped me with my assignments and gave tips after my lessons, so that I can improve. It has helped me in my course to become a teacher. It also has helped my English.

Thank you very much, for all that you have done for me! I’m very thankful for the teachers. Mr McCollum helped with all sorts of things. Before my arrival in Scotland, he arranged everything for my stay.  During my stay, he was also very helpful to me with my lessons and all sorts of other things. I am also very thankful to Mrs Campbell for letting me stay with her every Wednesday to Friday and for helping me improve my lessons. Mrs Stewart also did a lot for me. Thanks for it all you have done for me, for dinner at your house, and for your help with the lessons.

It was so nice to be with the children at the School. When I gave lessons it was beautiful when the children me asked about the Netherlands! They learned words and sentences in the Dutch language and learned about things from the Netherlands. Although it was nice to teach other lessons, it was really nice to see how the children were interested in things about the Netherlands. There were also other great times outside of the classroom, such as the trip to Stirling or when I saw how many parents helped with the craft sale!

I’m very thankful to the Ross family, where I stayed for three weeks. There was nothing that was too much for them. They were very kind and had patience with my  English. I learned a lot of English with this host family! The stay with them made me feel as if I were at home.

Thank you very much to all the teachers, classroom assistants, parents and children who made my stay in Scotland unforgettable! I really enjoyed my time in Scotland. I will remember the Scots as very kind, helpful and hospitable!

Rianne Meerkerk

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