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Still Time for 2016-2017 Applications

There is still time to apply for a place at Sunrise Christian School for our August 2016 intake. We have already accepted two applicants and have recently received another application and various enquiries. Next year’s P1 class looks to be shaping up pretty well, with a mixture of boys and girls.

Our School is an independent school, so we control our own curriculum, however, we are still inspected by Education Scotland. This helps us compare to other schools, both to state schools and other independent schools. We strive after an excellent education since everything that we do must be done for the glory of God.

Every subject in our curriculum is taught from a Biblical worldview. This does not mean that we read the Bible all day. Our pupils work very hard to do all their school work that is comparable to the Curriculum for Excellence. However, we do teach our pupils to understand how each subject fits into an overarching view of God’s world – after all we are God’s creatures living in His world. Maths, Science, Geography, and Languages all fit into His world and need to be understood from His perspective. Read more about Christian education here.

School fees are £120 per month for the first child in the School, £90 for the second child from a family, and £60 for subsequent children from a family. That is affordable education!

Check out our Education Scotland report to an objective assessment of our School.

The application form can be found here and should be sent to the School:
Sunrise Christian School
34 Saughs Drive,Glasgow, G33 1HG

If you would like to get in touch to find out more, please email

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