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September Prayer Requests

Give thanks for:

-a good start to the new academic year.
-how well the new pupils are settling in.
-new enquiries about the School.
-continued support from the wider Christian community.
-the work of the leadership of the School.

Please pray for:

-wisdom for the leadership who have to make important decisions about the School.
-the work of the teachers, that the glory and love of God would be the aim and motive of all that we do.
-a continuation of the pleasant atmosphere of Christian fellowship among the staff and volunteers.
-the salvation of all the children, if they are not saved already.
-the development of a Christian worldview and Godly character in all the pupils and that God’s Word would be written on their hearts.
-our School to be a witness to the community and a help to the Church.
-more financial support so that we can help those who can’t afford Christian education.
-parents who are considering Christian education in the future and that we would be able to support them.

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