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Secondary School Update

In September of this year, 7 secondary pupils started as our first S1&2s. This was the answer to many years of prayer and we are thankful to God for providing the needed teachers and resources. It has been a real blessing so far and they have been enjoying their learning journey so here are some highlights so far…

In Chemistry the pupils investigated diffusion of liquids and they were intrigued at their findings. This hands on experiment then helped them to grasp the theory behind what they observed as well as giving them experience of safely carrying out experiments and using the correct equipment.

In Food Technology the pupils have been making a variety of different foods including a BLT and a smoked sausage pasta dish with extra cheese! During the Food Technology classes pupils are taught the importance of healthy eating and the principles of nutrition. Making a range of predominantly savoury dishes, pupils are encouraged to explore flavours and textures whilst learning a variety of cooking techniques.

In Art with Mrs Asiimwe, the pupils created a colourful canalscape. They used different coloured paper and house designs to make some really incredible art that they should be proud of.

Just like the Primary pupils, our secondary school students also visited Edinburgh for a Reformation tour. They all took the train together from Carntyne station into Edinburgh. They visited many different historical and Jimmy Fisher was their tour guide, what an amazing job he does at making history interesting. Thank you again for your brilliant tour.

It is very humbling to witness God grow our school and to see His merciful provision each day. Thank you for all your prayers and support. As we grow, we become more and more reliant upon God for His help daily, recognising that it is all His mercy and goodness that has brought us this far and will continue to take us forward.

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