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School Performance

The school performance is always a highlight of the year and never fails to disappoint. This year the children performed a Victorian play which tied in with their Victorian topic they had been exploring this year.

Rehearsals had been taking place since March, and the children had worked hard to memorise their lines and practice their songs. It is encouraging to see how the children grow in confidence as they have the opportunity to perform in front of family and friends.

As the building filled up, the nerves began to grow! It is quite different moving from rehearsals in front of your friends and teachers to then performing in front of a large audience. Each child took their place on the stage, the opening song began and the children became more relaxed as they settled into their various roles.

Our Art teacher, Mrs Fraser, organised all the costumes for each child and along with the pupils, created the backdrop to the play. It looked fantastic and set the scene for the performance. Throughout the play there were songs and stories of life in the Victorian Era along with lots of well rehearsed actions!

As the closing hymn the children sang Take my Life and Let it Be, it was a lovely moment to hear them all sing together as I am sure the audience would agree.

After the performance there were refreshments served and stalls with various items to purchase for donations. The children always enjoy the opportunity to browse the toys and other goodies on offer while the adults enjoy the time to chat with one another.

It was clear from the performance how hard the pupils and teachers had worked to make the night a success and they definitely achieved it. Thank you to all who came along to support the school and for your donations which the school are very grateful for.

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