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Reformation Week 2016

Every year at Sunrise we celebrate the Reformation. We believe that it is a hugely significant period of history that continues to affect us today. This is our third year and, as always, we had two main activities: a Reformation party and a Reformation tour.

  1. Reformation Party

This year’s party focused on the significance of John Calvin. Our pupils dressed up as characters from the Reformation – friend or foe. What fantastic costumes we had! We enjoyed learning about John Calvin through a series of games and even the parents got involved. We found out about his background and his faith and we discovered how he worked for the honour of God.


  1. Reformation Tour

Emma (P6) has written about our trip to Stirling.

We went to Stirling Castle and had loads of fun. I enjoyed going to the graveyard and seeing all the statues – John Knox, Andrew Melville, Alexander Henderson, and James Renwick. When we were in the graveyard Mr Fisher told us stories about all of the statues. It’s good because these men would not give up and we learn about this at a Christian school. A sad thing is that some of the statues were old and broken. We also saw statues of Margaret and Agnes Wilson in a glass case. We had already read about them in a book. Some bad boys had smashed the case a few years ago. Behind the Margaret and Agnes was an angel.

Moving on we went to the church where James VI was crowned king and John Knox preached. We saw lots of bullet holes. There were big bullet holes and small bullet holes. Then bells began to ring. They were very quiet.


After a bit of walking we sat down and had our snacks and then headed to the castle.


Then when we were waiting a lady told us some rules. Five minutes later we were inside the castle and we got to see the dungeons where some of God’s people had been held as prisoners. It was fun but extremely scary for some people.

A while later we had lunch. It was so yummy. We also went to the canons and were pretending to fire them. Mr Fisher also told us a story about a guy who superglued feathers to him and then tried to fly off the castle to get to France. He failed and landed in a pile of poop! How nice to know!


After lunch we visited the queen in her bed chambers and found out that she sleeps in a smaller room. Her bed chamber was very colourful – gold, red, purple. We learned that if the castle was attacked her room would be closer to be blown apart than the king’s.

When we got on the coach we sat down and got our seatbelts on. I sat next to Dave and Domenica. We sang on the journey back and played loads of games. Before we knew it we were back at school. That was my day at Stirling Castle. Hope you enjoyed it.

How amazing to remember that God has created the world and it is stunning. He created people and if he didn’t we would not be able to learn about the Reformation.


Thanks to Reformation Tours for helping us learn so much. We had a great tour and highly recommend it!

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