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Reformation Tour – Edinburgh

On Wednesday 6th March Sunrise School headed east to Edinburgh for a Tour of various sites of Reformation history. The trip was made possible by a kind donation from the Reformation Scotland Trust, for which we are very grateful. The interesting tour was led by Rev David Campbell and was very much enjoyed by both students and teachers. We started off at the house where John Knox lived for some time, and from there went up to the Mercat Cross where we heard that in the 1600s several Covenanters were martyred. St Giles Cathedral was our next stop where we were told the famous story of Jenny Geddes and her stool.  Many of us were sobered with our visit to the Grassmarket Covenanter Memorial, a solemn reminder of those whose lives were lost because of their faithfulness to the truths taught in the Bible.

The Magdalene Chapel proved to be an interesting stop for lunch with the children taking time to investigate the inside details of the building. From there we went to Greyfriars Kirk where we learned about the National Covenant being signed. Many other sights we saw and stories we heard about the brave and faithful men and women who died for their faith in Christ and desire to hold to the truth…

We leave you with some words from the Martyrs Monument :

“Halt passenger take heed what thou does see

This tomb doth shew for what some men did die….

But yet they’re these who from such troubles came

And now triumph in glory with the LAMB.”

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