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Reformation Day 2023

Reformation Day. Why is it significant? Well on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther, a scholar, penned his Ninety-Five Theses and these were intended to spark a debate among his fellow brothers in the church. The Ninety-Five Theses sparked far more than a debate and they also revealed the church was far beyond rehabilitation. . .it needed a reformation.

This year our school celebrated it on Friday 27th October and on the week leading up to it, Mrs Fraser had a collection of outfits that children could choose from should they wish. It caused great excitement for the children as the browsed the costumes and made the decision of what they will wear. The parents were pleased too and thankful for the sharing of resources!

Each year the school celebrates this moment in church history and remembers those who gave up so much for the sake of the gospel, a challenge and encouragement to each of us. The morning started with a whole school assembly, family and friends were invited too. John Knox, who looked strangely familiar, gave an overview of the Reformation and then invited the children to come and introduce themselves if they wanted. The teachers also introduced their characters and told a bit about their story within the reformation period.

When the assembly finished, the children went into their classrooms to enjoy some Reformation themed activities. During this time the PFA organised snacks for the children which parents had provided and refreshments were served to those who stayed on. It was a good opportunity for parents to chat to one another.

The children were excited when they came through for their snack and saw all the various treats available. There was a great selection of cakes and biscuits as well as platters of fruit and vegetables. There were even Diet of Worms cupcakes…which were far nicer than they sound! One pupil had a basket of candy canes that she brought to share with everyone.

It really was a great morning and it is always a highlight for the children each year. Thank you to everyone who helped to make it a success.

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