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Prayer requests March 2018

We would like to give thanks and pray for:

  1. Let us give thanks to the Lord for the provision of the new teacher, Mrs Sheena Campbell. She is a qualified, GTC registered teacher and a devoted Christian. Please, pray to the Lord to bless her in this new work at Sunrise.
  2. Very thankful for all our teachers and volunteers who are devoted to providing Christian education at Sunrise.
  3. Let us be thankful for the prospect of a new building for our school. We would like to ask you to pray for the negotiations to go well and for the provision of the necessary funds to purchase the suitable property. Currently, there are two possible premises available: one in Hillington and one in Shettleston.  The Shettleston property has caused a lot of excitement as it would be a better location for those who travel long distance. The grounds of that plot are also extensive enough to meet the need of expansion of the school.
  4. Very thankful to the Lord for our Dutch supporters who are giving our school some used laptops in response to our appeal. We are looking for someone capable to configure them to be suitable for the safe use at school.
  5. Two new families are moving into the area in order for the children to be able to attend Sunrise Christian School. Two new P3s, one P2 and one P1  are starting after the spring holidays. Please, pray for these families so that the move will go well.
  6. The Inverness Christians are in the process of setting up a partner school which is going to be open in August 2018. Please, pray for everything to go smoothly for them.

There’s much to be thankful for and the Lord has been very good to us indeed!

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