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Outing to the National Museum of Edinburgh

by Cayla & Sofia (P6)


On the 5th of February 2020 we went to the National Museum of Edinburgh because we are learning  about the 3rd day of Creation (land and plants).

At 10 o clock we got on the bus. When we got to the museum we had a snack. Then we got a wheelchair for one of my friends who had hurt her leg and split into groups went our separate ways.

The first thing my group went to see were the robots. I got to program my own robot and lift an air balloon. Then we went through the animal part into the space area. It was in the animal section that we got to see how much we weigh in comparison to a polar bear. It took 11 of us to equal a polar bear’s weight!

I really enjoyed the  rock section because we got to touch different types of rocks!

In the end, we had lunch and then left to go back to the school. It was a fun day at the museum!           

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