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Our Trip to Govan

Today our blog post is written by Domenica (P5) about a recent History trip to see the Govan Stones, early Medieval stones from the Kingdom of Strathclyde.

Today my news is about our school trip to Govan. Well not all the school went, just Satu and I because the little ones go home at 2:30pm. We travelled in our teacher’s car to Govan Old Church.

It was very sunny. First we went inside to take a look. A man gave Satu and me a Viking helmet and shield each. Satu got a wooden sword as well. It was very heavy because it was the real equipment the Vikings had used.

Then he gave us a map each of the church. We first went to a stone called the Sun Stone. It is called that because on one side of it there is a sun. We moved on to the Jordanhill Cross Stone, then to the Cuddy Stane. Cuddy means donkey and stane is another name for stone. As we moved round the church we came to some old grave slabs. Then we went to see the Hogbacks. They are called Hogbacks because their backs are curved like hogs. They also have animal heads on each side of the stone. Then we went to the stone coffin of Constantine. It had some writing on it. Then we went to see the other Grave Slabs.

When we went outside we looked at the newer grave slabs outside. We also drew a picture of a Celtic cross. Then we went home. It was a fun visit. My favourite part was dressing up as a Viking.

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