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Our New Tablets

This blog post is written by Naomi (P3).

This year we got some tablets for the school. Now I will tell you how we got them. All the pupils, some parents, teachers and friends of the school walked around Drumpellier Park. We had a sponsored walk. We collected money from family and friends. I really enjoyed Drumpellier Park because we got to play in the play-park and we saw some ducks and ducklings. Also one of our classroom assistants had an afternoon tea at her house where women had tea, home-made baking, and made a donation of money. We want to thank all the people who gave us money.

The new tablets have a red cover, with a black screen. They are a rectangle. The screen is very easy to read. We use them for playing maths games. The P1 class uses it for tracing numbers and letters with different colours. P2 use the tablets for logic games. P5 and P7 use it for all kinds of maths games and as a calculator to check their maths work. They also play games against each other and sudoku. Mr McCollum is going to get some Latin games on the tablets.

We all love them! We hope to find out things from the internet and read books on them.

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