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News from the Third Year of our School

Our infant class (P1-P3) wants to tell you about big changes at Sunrise Christian School. Here is their blog post in their own words.

There are new people at our school. Danny, Evie, Miriam, Samuel, Christianna, and Ezra-James are new in our class. The junior class also has new pupils. They are called Beth, Benji, and Logan. We all used to be in one big classroom from P1-P7, but now P4-P7 is in a smaller classroom and  we are in the bigger classroom. We got a new teacher! She is called Mrs Campbell. She is a very nice teacher.


Below you can find out information about Mrs Campbell from our staff page.


Danielle Campbell holds a teaching diploma from the Hogeschool Driestar, a Christian university in Gouda, Netherlands. During her time at Driestar she worked as a teacher in a primary school. She has had three years experience teaching in a Reformed Christian primary school, one year working with pupils with learning and behavioural problems, and latterly eleven years in a special needs school, all in the Netherlands. Danielle is a member of St. Jude’s Free Presbyterian Church in Glasgow. Danielle is passionate for foreign missions  and has served five times in Africa, sometimes teaching up to 1000 children in a week. Danielle loves music and plays panpipes and the Western concert flute. Danielle is fluent in Dutch and English. Danielle teaches three days a week at Sunrise.

Some other photos from our first few weeks.

IMG_20160818_210054 IMG_20160822_172740 IMG_20160825_130831 IMG_20160826_121002

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