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My Year as a Classroom Assistant

Rita Finlay, one of our classroom assistants, gives her own thoughts on her first year at Sunrise.

Although I was not sure it was something I could do, friends were encouraging me. Adding that it was something for the Lord made me decide to do it. As I knew some of the children and parents from the Home School Co-operative, it wasn’t such a leap. Being told at the commencement day that I would be involved in Arts and Craft lessons, ended the concerns.

Being a Christian school means that faith is entwined in every aspect of learning and playing. The children have been a delight. Having some join and some leave has changed the dynamics, but in no way diminished the enjoyment I have had. I have found the interaction between the pupils fascinating – they are friends and care for each other. Regardless of what they finally achieve, the most important thing is their salvation.
There has been encouragement, and great support from the teacher and other classroom assistants. We all worked to make it the success that it is.
I have seen the the pupils bake, cook, garden, knit, sew, paint, stamp, along with learning Latin, Geography, History, English, Maths, Enterprise. All has been taught with patience, and enjoyment.
A highlight has been the Inspection report, which, considering we do not have our own building, was wonderful.
Looking forward to the next year, and ones after that!
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