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June Prayer Requests

Thank you for praying for the work of our School. We trust that God hears our prayers and we pray that He will receive all the glory. Please take a few minutes to read our prayer requests for June and, after praying for us, consider sharing them with your friends.

Give thanks for:

-God’s gracious provision for us, we are especially thankful for our teacher’s encouraging trip in the Netherlands and increased financial support from our Dutch friends. We will  receive over 600 per month from friends who value Reformed Christian education.
-our faithful classroom assistants who volunteer a lot of time and energy to help our School.
-the new pupils that will be starting school this month as well as the new pupils who will begin in August. Our school is really growing!
-the great spiritual questions that the pupils ask at times and for the discernment that they are learning.

Please pray for:

-the pupils to gain Biblical wisdom and a Christian world and life view.
-the teachers to set Christ-like examples in word and deed.
-the salvation of all the children, if they are not saved already, and that God’s Word would be written on their hearts.
-the preparations for fundraising at Applecross. Jan van Panhuis will cycle up the Bealach na Ba and our teacher and others will hike.
-that the wider Christian community would get involved with the work of our School through prayer and financial support.
-the Board meeting on Monday 6th June.
-the Lord to open up the way towards a more permanent building that can host more pupils.
-Lewis Independent Christian School as they look for a new headteacher.

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