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Hide God's Word in Your Heart

Recently, my minister has been preaching on the second part of Psalm 119. One of the exhortations of the psalm is that we store up God’s Word in our heart. Most of us would agree that we ought to memorise God’s Word and that it would be highly beneficial to us, but we “run out of time” or have some other excuse.

The best time to learn is when you are young. The psalm, indeed, directs the exhortations to a young man showing how he can keep his way pure. What Christian parents would not want their children to be kept pure? Memorising Scripture to be pure is very important, just like washing every day!

At our School, we are committed to helping the children hide up God’s Word in their hearts. If you were to count up how many verses we have memorised in the course of a year and a half you would see that we have learned over 116 verses of Scripture! But lest you think that at a Christian school we spend all day doing this instead of our other classes, note that memory work only takes up about 2% of our time at school each week. It’s just a case of a little bit every day. Don’t you think your child might thrive under such an experience? We know that our pupils certainly do!

Stephen McCollum

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