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Help Us Raise £1,710

Our Easyfundraising total has continued to soar! We have passed the £300 milestone! Well done to all our supporters. This extra money is a great boost to the school’s budget.

Although this figure is really great, it is fair to note that we are not using Easyfundraising to its full potential. Through this scheme we have 57 registered supporters. The average earnings per supporter is £5.30. However, when you look at our Easyfundraising leaderboard, you see that our top 10 supporters have raised 2/3 of our total! The top 5 supporters have all raised over £20 and our top supporter (“Anonymous”) has even raised over £30. Excellent work!

If all of our registered supporters were to raise £30 through Easyfundraising we would have £1,710 extra for the school!

Could you help us reach our full potential? Here are some tips!

  1. Register
    If you haven’t already registered, please do. It is so easy. Go to the Easyfundraising page and sign up. You buy things online as you normally would, but as you do it through Easyfundraising we earn extra money. It’s like an online charity tin at the shop counter, but instead of you putting your spare change in the charity tin, the company puts some change in, at no extra cost to you.
  2. Invite
    Did you know that you can invite your friends to use Easyfundraising and for each person that you get to sign up (through your own unique link) and use it, Easyfundraising will give a bonus £1 to our cause? There is nothing to stop mums and dads having separate accounts and taking advantage of this £1 bonus.
  3. Keep an eye out for special deals
    Asda has an offer that they would give us £7.50 if you do an online shop over £25 (home delivery or click and collect) before the end of May.
    Many shops have increased deals at certain times, for example, Clarks has doubled their reward to 5% until the end of June.
    New Look will give you 25% off as well as a 3.5% donation to our school if it is before the end of this week.
  4. Use it regularly
    The best thing to do is to get the donation reminder as this will remind you to activate Easyfundraising to ensure Sunrise gets the donation. But also think about which shops you normally buy from online. Search the Easyfundraising website to see if those shops give donations.
    Everytime you use Amazon, Ebay, Argos, iTunes, Living Social, John Lewis, Next, and many more, remember to use Easyfundraising.

Could you help us raise £1,710 for our School? Think of the new equipment that could buy, or how it could help develop the school, or how it could go towards new projects. Easyfundraising is something that almost everyone can do! Will you help?

If this is the first time you have heard about Easyfundraising or if you are not sure how it works, please visit our Easyfundraising page.

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