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Headteacher Vacancy

Sunrise Christian School is an independent Reformed Christian school serving families in the Glasgow area. The school’s Board of Directors is seeking to recruit a new Headteacher who will take forward its vision for the school and lead its continuing expansion and development. The school received a very positive inspection report at the end of its first year and has doubled in size over the past 12 months. We look forward to further growth with plans being formulated to secure larger permanent premises which will allow an increase in capacity to provide more places in our primary school and the development of both nursery and secondary schooling provision.

The closing date for applications is 31st May 2017, however, suitable candidates will be interviewed sooner and the vacancy may be filled. Applicants should send their CV and cover letter to


Reporting to the Board of Directors the Headteacher will provide professional leadership for the school which secures its success and improvement, ensuring high quality education for all its pupils, all to the glory of God.


  1. Strategic direction and development of the school

o    To provide Biblical leadership for the staff and pupils that is in accordance with the Reformed Confessions.

o    To work in partnership with the School Board, School Management Committee, and staff to implement the vision and ethos of the Board.

o    To continue to implement a Development Plan which will secure continuous school improvement.

o    To monitor and evaluate the performance of the school and respond and report to the School Board or School Management Committee as required.

o    To work with the School Board, Parents and Friends Group, Stichting Glasgow Christian School, and others to effect a coherent plan to ensure wider support for the School.

  1. Teaching and learning

o    To maintain a classroom environment that promotes excellent teaching and effective learning, paying careful attention to the instruction of a Biblical (Reformed) worldview across the curriculum.

o    To continue to evaluate and, if necessary, improve the curriculum of the School.

o    To monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching, learning, and standards of achievement of all pupils in the school through appropriate methods

  1. Leading and managing staff

o    To plan, allocate, support, and evaluate work undertaken by groups, teams and individuals, ensuring clear delegation of tasks and devolution of responsibilities in a manner consistent with conditions of employment.

o    To implement and sustain effective systems for the management of staff performance, incorporating performance management and target setting.

o    To promote and monitor the continuing professional development of staff, including the induction of new teachers and classroom assistants.

o    To manage, monitor and review the range, quality and use of all available resources in order to improve the quality of education, improve pupils’ achievements, ensure efficiency and secure value for money.

  1. Accountability

o       To present a coherent and accurate account of the school’s performance in a form appropriate to the range of audiences, including the School Board, Education Scotland, and others.

o      To ensure that parents/carers and pupils are well informed about the curriculum, attainment and progress and about the contribution they can make in     supporting their child’s learning and achieving the school’s targets for improvement.

  1. Safeguarding Children & Safer Recruitment

o    To ensure good practice in accordance with the Child Protection Policy, including assuming the role of Designated Child Protection Officer and the training of new staff in this policy.

o    To act as a countersignatory for PVG applications.

o    The Headteacher will have overall responsibility for all Heath and Safety matters concerning the school.

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