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Habitat Poems

The Lord’s Creation – A Prayer (Naomi P4)

Lord thank you for the animals for you

Created them all and they are very

Pretty Lord they are useful for

Food but Lord please protect them

And keep them safe for they

Need your protection. Amen


Habitat (Cameron D. Ross P7)

H-ere, there and everywhere

A-nimals you’ll see

B-ut do you think “Where do they come from?”

I-‘ll tell you, listen carefully

T-he chimpanzee lives in the jungle

A-nd the slug – who is a brat-

T-hey live anywhere worldwide

S-ee, these are called habitats!


Habitats (David P6)

A lot of us have a place

A lot of humans have some space

A lot of sheep have a face

A lot of schools have a base

A lot of us need a faster pace

A lot of us need to care

A lot of us need to help all animals.


Habitats (Domenica F. Murphy P6)

Every animal has its own home,

They all live in a special place,

Every animal has its own pace,

There are many habitats,

Some hot, some cold,

Some house cats lie on mats,

Some wet, some old,

Horses live on mountains,

Leopards live where it rains,

Trouts and salmon live in rivers,

Cheetahs live in grasslands,

Polar bears live where I shiver,

I don’t think animals will form a band,

Thank you God for creating animals and their habitats!

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