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Fundraising in a lockdown world!

After the initial shock of lockdown and the realisation that it might be a while before we could return to our traditional fundraising events at the school, some entrepreneurial parents began thinking up new ideas.

Glad Rags was born! A very generous lady had donated a significant amount of clothes to the school and one of the mums organised a small collection of clothes to add to the initial gift. Then along with another mother they sorted through all of the clothes, taking photos and cataloguing the size and make of each item. They set up a whatsapp group and the invitations were sent out. Before long there were almost 30 participants in the group, all ready to find a new item of clothing or accessories and support the school at the same time. So at 8pm at the beginning of December 2020 all the women had their fingers ready on their phones to snap up a bargain! The idea was that the organisers would post a photo in the group with the size and brand and the first person to request the item could claim it for their own. It was both a fun and uplifting event, especially when multiple people wanted the same items but the spirit was always ‘no, you have it’. At the end of the evening people could consider all that they had chosen and transfer whatever amount of money, they thought fitting, to the PFA account. That first event raised £500! The next job for the organisers was sorting through all the clothes and getting them to their new owners, not a job for the faint hearted. But these enthusiastic fundraisers have not only done it again once, but twice!
The spring 2021 clothes sale raised £350. The autumn 2021 clothes sale raised £200.

One of these mums also worked with her daughter to make the most beautiful pot pourri bags at the end of 2020 raising another £104. So many of the families of the school were delighted to be able to buy these lovely gifts and raise money for the school at the same time. They are currently working on this year’s effort. Please contact us if you would like to purchase a bag.

Another mum has been sewing for the school, raising money from making patchwork baby playmats, bunting and aprons.

It is just wonderful to see the various families supporting the school in ways that play to their God given strengths and interests. In just over a year these mums have raised more than £1300, only with the support of so many of yourselves, so we thank the parents and we thank the supporters!

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