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Former Pupil and Parent Reflections

Anjali Kalsi was one of the original full time pupils at Sunrise. Although we were sad to say goodbye to her when her family moved to England to start new employment, we are thankful for the time that we had with the Kalsi family and for all the support that they brought to our School in its first year. Anjali  is now at a different  Christian school in England. Below are her thoughts on her time at Sunrise followed by her mum’s reflections.

I miss Sunrise Christian school because I made good new friends and a best friend called Naomi. I miss school because I miss my friends and Mr McCollum and Mrs McCollum and all the classroom assistants. I think it’s the best school ever. Everybody’s happy all the time, well mostly. I love all the songs especially “Unto you Oh Lord” and “The Law of the Lord.” I learned a very good technique about God.

I miss school because it was very funny mostly. I miss the talent show we did. I did very fun maths sometimes. I miss “The Incredible Story of Classical Music” The musicians looked like a dog sometimes! I miss playing families. I think it’s a very good school.

By Anjali Kalsi (age 7)

As parents, we were so excited when rumours of Sunrise Christian School became potential reality! We took the leap of faith that it would come to fruition and withdraw our daughter from her current school, sure enough, Sunrise became official a few days before term started. Praise God!

Our daughter blossomed under the nurturing care of the teachers and classroom assistants, and with the close friendships of the other pupils. With the mixed age range of pupils in the class, each child could work to their own ability, not to a set age expectation. This meant our daughter could race ahead in literacy where she excelled, and take her time with maths, which she found more challenging. We loved the fact she learned little bits of BSL, Gaelic and Latin even at age 7! The projects they did always looked so exciting and relevant. And of course the faith aspect which permeated through the entire curriculum has given her a wonderful foundation.

We were so sorry to move away from Glasgow and leave Sunrise behind. Although she remains in Christian education, nothing will ever quite compare to being a founder member of the Sunrise family!

Liz Kalsi (parent)


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