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Experiential Learning

Our Primary 1 children have begun their journey of learning the 42 Jolly Phonics sounds. There are actions for each sound and songs too, which aim to make it engaging for young learners.

Our Primary 1 teacher, Mrs Snell, has also been giving the children various experiential learning opportunities to help them engage further with these new sounds. This has included a makeshift tennis game using a balloon and string. This was for the sound ‘t’ and the children were encouraged to sound ‘t’ each time they hit the balloon.

Another exciting activity was using sand in a tray to practice writing the letter ‘e’. As the children swished their fingers through the sand making the ‘e’ formation, there was great joy on their faces. It’s a great introduction to practicing writing their letters and the sensory element of writing in sand made it all the more fun!

When the children are introduced to a new sound they stick it in their own sound book and take it home to recap with their family. It is hoped that the children will learn and retain better by being actively engaged with their learning.

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