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Easyfundraising update May 2017

Since we opened our cause with Easyfundraising, we have gained 80 supporters. The total sum that we raised together through this simple method since starting out is a smashing £789.52!

Our goal this year is to raise this total to  £1500. How can we achieve that? Let’s do simple maths.

In the last 30 days our cause has raised £43.66. To reach our goal of £1500, £710.48 is still to raise before December is finished. That is 7 months to go! It will take about £100 a month to reach our target.The answer is to share the link with as many people as we can to recruit more supporters for our cause. If each of those 80 people could get just one more person on board, we will be well on track!

After all it’s a great way of helping the school’s funds.  A lot of people shop online and they don’t need to spend a penny more, because the retailer will give a donation every time they buy something.  It is a simple win win!

Sunrise Christian School still needs our help with costs, as we are committed to make it affordable for everyone who desires Christian education.  A pressing need for our school is to have a dedicated building of our own to better serve our present and future needs.

Let’s also be prayerfully mindful of the imperative need for provision of Christian secondary education.  Our current and long term mission requires the continuous support of prayerful, faithful Christians who understand the crucial need of Christian education in the present world which in so many ways openly disregards and rejects the laws of God. And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice” (Genesis 22:18).

So let’s make this small step and spread the word about Easyfundraising challenge to everyone. Remember if each one of us gains only 1 more supporter, we can make a big difference to the overall cause!

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