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Current Fundraising

Some supporters ask what our next fundraisers will be. Here you can find some of the activities that will be keeping us busy over the rest of the School year. Would you consider getting involved, perhaps with your friends or church groups?

Book for Sale
We have a children’s fiction book for sale called “Maaike and Marijke’s Trip to America.” This book was written by a friend of our Dutch charity in order to raise funds for us. It is being sold in the Netherlands and has been translated into English. We are selling the book for £8, with all proceeds going to Sunrise Christian School. If you would like to order a copy of the book, please get in touch with us on

12592409_10156451577425114_7899992360717842784_nPenny Challenge

Our pupils are collecting their pennies in jars. So far we have raised £33.58! Our jars are heavy but not full. Why don’t you try at home? Some of our supporters are saving up their pennies. Last year we were able to buy all sorts of helpful resources just by filling Smarties’ tubes! 20p coins fit really well. Will you join us?


Homemade Gifts Sale
We recently had a successful gift and craft sale. Some of our supporters are already making items for the next sale. Feel free to add your contributions.


A really good way to help the school is to get all your friends to sign up to Easyfundraising. If you could collect some supporters in your work, family, church, or neighbourhood, it would go a long way to helping the School have some extra money to buy resources. There are all sorts of posters, flyers, and presentations on their website. For more information go to our Easyfundraising page.


Tabletop/ Car Boot Sales
We are planning to have some sales in the good weather. Please remember us if you are doing some spring cleaning. If you have some items that you could sell for us that would be great. Stay tuned for dates of any sales.

Sponsored Activities
Once again Jan van Panhuis is attempting a sponsored cycle, possibly near Applecross. Stay tuned for details. Perhaps even some Scottish supporters would like to join him! One of our pupils is also attempting part of the West Highland Way to raise money for the School. Would you or perhaps your church youth group consider attempted a sponsored activity for our School?


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