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Christian School: why it is right for your child

Statements regarding Christian education vs. secular schools by Dr Roy Zuck (faculty of Dallas Theological Seminary):

“Is there really a “Christian view” of science, literature, and history? Aren’t the facts of science, literature, and history the same no matter where they are taught? Yes, the facts are the same. If it’s mathematics, it’s mathematics. If it’s history, it’s history. But it’s the interpretation of the facts that makes the difference. Whether my children attend a secular or a public school, they’ll learn basically the same facts, but in a Christian school they’ll learn to understand, interpret, and analyse those facts from a biblical perspective. The secular vs. Christian school issue is really a question of whether a child will learn to view life from man’s perspective or God’s perspective. From man’s viewpoint, history is purposeless; from God’s viewpoint, history has meaning. From man’s viewpoint, science is the laws of “nature” at work; from God’s viewpoint, science is the outworking of His laws.

In science, Christian teachers refer to the Creator of the creation. In literature, Christian teachers evaluate man’s writings by biblical standards. In music and art, Christian teachers uphold a wholesome expression consistent with Scripture. In health and hygiene, Christian teachers point out that man is God’s creation, “fearfully and wonderfully made”. In social studies, Christian teachers help students understand God’s view of the world’s cultures, governments, and problems.

In short, the purpose of the Christian school is “to give the students that added dimension of the realization of God in all of life.

Of course, this means that the biblical viewpoint permeates every subject of knowledge. Adding a few courses in Bible, holding chapel services, or beginning each class with prayer are helpful, but do not by themselves make a Christian school. A Christian school requires a scriptural point of view for the entire curriculum.”

(Cited in Paul A. Kienel, The Christian School: Why it is right for your child, Scripture Press Publications, 1974, p. 72f)

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