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Card-making Fundraiser Evening

On Friday evening (20/09/19) members of the PFA held a card-making fundraiser evening for the school. Card-making supplies were laid out on the tables, home-made cakes and cookies were ready for being eaten and the kettle was on. As people arrived, at Glasgow Reformed Presbyterian Church, there was a lot of chat amongst friends, old and new. After catching up with friends people began planning out their designs.
The youngest attendee was just nine months old and we didn’t ask the age of the oldest attendee, but all age groups were represented amongst the 35 or so people who came. Irregardless of age it looked as though everyone enjoyed and even those who made claims of not being creative seemed to be pleased with the creations they took home with them. The young people made the most use of buttons and were the most excited to try the die cutting and embossing machine. Some of the more artistically gifted used their own drawing skills on their cards and beautiful handwriting featured on the design of at least one card. One very kind guest brought some extra punches and special shears for everyone to add another dimension to their cards.
It appeared to be a relaxing evening for all and there was plenty of laughter. All of the home-grown apples brought to the event were snapped up before the end. Approximately £450 was raised for the school thanks to everyone’s generosity.

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