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Back to School!

We are finally back at school after over four months of remote learning and then the summer holidays. It was a busy summer getting ready for school and implementing all new guidelines so pupils and staff can return to school safely. But by God’s grace, here we are, with more pupils than the school has ever had! We are very thankful to the church in Robroyston for allowing us to use more of their premises and to all of the kind and generous people who have volunteered to help clean and to help at the school as Classroom Assistants. We are also thankful to have Mrs Anna Stewart back with us one day a week and to have Mrs Michelle Snell back with us for another school year. Please keep praying for God’s protection over the school and that we will be able to move into the New Life premises in Parkhead soon and most of all that we would continue to glorify God in the work that is done at the school. Thank you for your support and prayers.

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