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A New Way to Help Sunrise

As those of you on Facebook will have seen, Sunrise recently became a cause on Since then, 11 people have signed up to support us through their online shopping. We are excited to report that simply because these supporters have bought things online that they already needed, we have raised £12.91 in about a week!

You may wonder how all this really works. Here is one example: our teacher needed new work shoes, so he went onto the easyfundraising website, chose the retailer from whom he wanted to buy new shoes, and made his purchase. Shortly afterwards, easyfundraising reported that through his purchase, £2.48 was raised for Sunrise! It’s as easy as that. Are you planning to get some new clothes or shoes? Do you need to buy a gift for someone? Are you planning a trip via plane, train, or boat? Just head over to easyfundraising to see what retailers are involved and what percentage of your purchase they will donate to your chosen cause. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and it greatly helps the School. Use this link: and each person that signs up and makes a purchase earns Sunrise an extra pound!

One more free and easy way you can help Sunrise raise money is through easyfundraising’s search engine, easysearch. Each search you perform on easysearch raises half a penny for the School! In one week, two people raised 22p. Consider setting this link as your homepage: and search away. Every little bit helps! According to their webpage, the average person could raise about £20 a year by using this search engine. If everyone who liked our facebook page did this, we would raise £9,960 per year! Easy!

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