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A New Parent's Perspective

Our daughter Sarita is starting at Sunrise Christian School in August, God willing, about a month before her 5th birthday. She is really looking forward to going to school, but she doesn’t half realise how privileged she is, compared to most other children in Scotland. Not only will she be starting in a small class with plenty of individual attention, with very capable staff, in a school that has just had a glowing report from the Inspector – these things are certainly important – but what is more important is that she is starting an education which is built upon the only right foundation: it starts with God. “The Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” Without God all wisdom and knowledge is without firm foundation. How amazing as Christian parents, to be able to send our child to such a school! How many parents must envy us! We have so much to be thankful for.

-Janneke Fraser

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